The Truth Behind the Cost of a Wedding Dress:

Shopping for your wedding dress is truly such a memorable experience for a bride-to-be. During your Bridal Appointment, you get to try on a variety of styles, leading you to finding the dress of your dreams! There are many common questions that come along with dress shopping, but one major question we get is- why do wedding dresses cost as much as they do? We’re here to give you the scoop! There are so many factors that go into the cost of a wedding dress..

Made With Love, Just For You!

Did you know? When you order your wedding dress, that dress is being made from scratch- just for you! A common misunderstanding is that our designer have massive warehouses stocked full of each dress style, size and colour, and that is not the case. Think of how much waste that would turn into, for all of those potentially un sold dresses. When you find your dream dress, the designer is cutting your special order dress. This is also why ordering your wedding dress takes time.

Which brings us to our next point..

The Work Behind The Dress:

We pride ourselves in carrying reputable designers here in the boutique. Behind a reputable designer, is a team of experts  executing and creating these gorgeous designs! There is a lot that goes into the creation of your perfect dress. Selecting fabrics, cutting the pattern, hand sewing layers, hand sewing lace, beading and so much more. Having a well made dress is definitely worth it!

The designers that we work with also are working with a team that is being compensated fairly, working in appropriate conditions and has has a high quality control system in place.

Many of our designers are also continuously working to reduce their footprint, recycle fabrics, and give back to our earth with sustainability efforts in place.


Once your very own dress has been made to perfection (after many countless hours) and has been quality checked, it gets carefully packaged and shipped to us! Of course, just like everything else, there is always a fee in order to ship an item from one location to the next, and with the proper care. 

The Final Step:

Once we receive your dress in the boutique, we do our very own quality check to ensure it is just what you ordered. We check over the dress carefully, steam and press it to make sure it’s ready for your Meet Your Gown Appointment!

Your wedding dress truly is a work art. Just remember- art takes experts, resources, and especially time to make it perfect. The second you step into your very own wedding dress, we know you will agree that every bit of this is totally worth you walking down the aisle in the dress of your dreams on your wedding day!