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At Runway Bridal, we work one-on-one with each bride to walk you through the process of finding your perfect wedding dress as well as all the extras to complete your entire wedding day vision! 

Currently our in store selection of wedding dresses ranges from $1300 – $3200

March Madness Prom Event March 11-19: Learn More About this Event 

Refined Bridal Spotlight Event March 30th – April 2nd: Learn More

Suits & Suds April 15th 2-4: More Information Coming Soon

Want to upgrade your Bridal Appointment? Book our Robe and Rose Appointment for yourself or add it on to surprise the bride! More Details.

Appointments help us create your custom experience and make sure our stylists are ready for you to serve you and are required at this time. 


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I Found "the one", now what?

Congratulations! We are so happy you found your perfect gown! Your consultant will take down all of your information as well as take your measurements and discuss the best sizing options for you. After we complete the important information to get your order just right, we have you pay for your dress and or items in full. (Payment options may be available, ask your stylist.) Your gown order will take approximately five to eight months to arrive in our boutique. Your stylist will be able to give you an estimated date at your time of order and we will be sure to contact you by phone to let you know as soon as it arrives and schedule your next appointment to try on your very own gown! During this appointment we accessorize the gown to complete your wedding day look. Once this appointment is complete we will refer you to our talented seamstresses and they will organize alterations and fitting appointments with you moving forward.

Do I need an appointment?
Yes, we always recommend that you schedule an appointment! This allows us to schedule one or our consultants to you and only you. We will do our best to accommodate walk-ins during the week. However, there is the possibility that you won’t be able to try anything on. If you are making a special trip, pre scheduling your appointment is always the best option so you are guaranteed a change room and stylist.
For most dresses you won’t need to wear a bra, however, if you want to try dresses on with one, we recommend a nude strapless and light or nude undergarments. Shape wear can be worn as well if you feel more comfortable. Underwear is always required. Our bridal suites offer a pedestal for you to stand on that will allow you to see the proper length of the gowns. Shoes are not required; we do have various heel heights in store if needed at the time. Feel free to bring any images on your phone or tablet that you are interested it, we can help you pick similar gown styles from there.
Our recommendation is to bring a maximum of four guests whose opinions you value most. Shopping with too many people can become overwhelming if there are a lot of opinions to take in. We find it easier for you to really find out what you like with a few of your favourite people. You are invited to bring back any other important guest to see your perfect gown.
Can we bring champagne

We do not allow alcohol in our boutique as we are not a licensed establishment. We know that it is an exciting time when shopping for your perfect gown with your favourite people. We would be happy to schedule you a Robe & Rose Appointment, or a Refined Bridal Appointment for a special appointment that we can allow a non-alcoholic toast when you find your perfect gown! (See details under the booking drop down)

AM I ABLE TO BRING in food and drink?

We prefer that you do not bring in any food or drink into the boutique as we keep all of our gowns great condition and out of garment bags to give you a better shopping experience. Water is allowed.

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5 steps to bridal success!

Congratulations! Your fiancé has popped the question, and you are excited to begin your dress shopping journey. We couldn’t be more happy for you, and, we cannot wait to welcome you to our boutique.
As a first time bride we understand this may be an exciting, and sometimes confusing time as you figure out exactly what to expect during this wedding planning adventure. You may think binge watching “Say Yes to the Dress” will prepare you for this, although is loads of fun, television does not always accurately reflect the true experience.

Below are five simple rules of bridal etiquette to consider when you begin your dress shopping journey. Remember, this is can be an extremely emotional time for you and your loved ones, and you want your time to be as positive as possible. So, set yourself up with a solid foundation, and create lasting memories!


Providing the highest possible service is our priority, and, in order to provide the best experience for you we appreciate being able to dedicate the time to help from start to finish. Scheduling an appointment allows us to focus solely on your needs, and locate your dream wedding dress. While it may seem like a good idea to simply “pop” into a store to look, this can take away from another bride’s experience and even take away your special moment if you find the dress without the ones you love. 

Pre-scheduled appointments are always recommended.  Especially if you are making a special trip and planning a day with your favourite people.  Weekends are often the busiest day of our week, and we fill up with appointments, and waitlists. Always plan ahead when it comes to shopping for your perfect dress!

2. IT TAKES TIME, so don't wait!

There are a lot of ways this rule applies to your dress shopping experience, so, we have broken it down into three sections.

Don’t wait until the last minute.

It takes between 9-12 months total from the moment you start your shopping experience to the last alteration. As soon as you get engaged, and you have selected a date for the wedding, start planning your wedding dress shopping. Research your local bridal shops and see which shop suits you and schedule your appointments. Not only does waiting too long possibly limit the selection of gowns to choose from, but it will help you avoid additional expenses such as rush fees, and could save you hundreds of dollars.

Shop with an open mind.

Many times when a bride arrives they will let the stylist know that this is their first time shopping and are only here to “look, not buy,”. We understand wanting to explore your options and that wedding gown shopping can be a little but intimidating and sometimes overwhelming. No Pressure! We also know from experience that often when you are “just looking” you find the one, and why not have your important people there and ready for that. Wedding dress shopping is so much fun, but is also a serious outing, after all-you are looking for the most important dress you will ever wear.

Arrive on time to your appointment. Also, cancel.

Bridal boutiques schedule appointments in time blocks so each bride gets the perfect amount of dedicated service from their stylist. Keep this in mind when scheduling multiple appointments in one day, give yourself enough travel time, and always arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. If you are running late be courteous, and call the boutique to let them know. But, understand, if you arrive late they cannot always offer to extend your appointment. 

If you booked multiple appointments in one day, and find the dress early on, make sure you call the other boutiques and let them know so they can open those appointment times for another bride. If something comes up, as happens with life, and you need to cancel your appointment altogether, make sure you provide as much notice as possible. It is the respectful thing to do, and the bridal boutique will appreciate the gesture. I promise!


Out of respect for your stylist, and the other brides who try on our dresses in the boutique, Underwear is required.  If you wish to bring shape wear and or a strapless nude you may. Try to wear minimal makeup. You will be stepping into gowns, or, putting them on over your head which can cause makeup or lipstick stains.

Runway Bridal is primarily a special order store which means the gowns on our racks are samples and we will order your gown in from the designer in the correct size, colour, and with the option of some customizations. We do sell our samples off the rack to brides who are short on timelines as well so it is important we keep our samples as clean and pristine as possible. While we spot clean and treat our samples with care, it is always appreciated when our brides treat them with love as well.

4. We are here to help you!

Your stylist is going to be your best friend in your dress shopping journey, and they want you to feel beautiful, and confident. They are not there to set you up for failure, and they are sometimes encourage you to go outside your comfort zone. However, it is vital for you to be 100% honest with them about what you love or hate, and what your comfortable budget is. Our experienced stylists know the inventory and when trying on gowns they can point you in the right direction. No one ever wants you to say yes to a dress you don’t love. The more honest you can be the better your appointment will go, and the more likely you are to find the perfect one!


We hear a lot of brides talk about how they want to tone, lose weight, or adjust their dress size prior to their wedding, and we are here to support your in your goals! However, we will take your measurements upon ordering, and recommend a size we know will fit you at that time. It is always easier to take a dress in than it is to let it out. Let me repeat this phrase for the people in the back. – It is always easier to take a dress in, than let it out. Almost all gowns can come down multiple sizes, and that can be an overall 6-8 inch difference which is a significant amount. By purchasing a dress you know will fit properly now or be altered to fit you later, you have piece of mind. There is nothing more defeating than ordering a gown smaller than your measurements, and not being able to fit into it when it arrives. Take the advice of our experienced stylists, and order the proper size. This will ensure you have a positive experience, and if the gown is too big when it arrives that is a much better feeling!