Sample Sales are so fun, and so many brides find their perfect dress for a dream price! 

We always want our brides to be prepared when shopping our busiest sale, so here are some of our top tips to help you navigate our sample sale.

What is a sample sale? – At Runway Bridal, sample sales happens 1-2 times per year. It is a quick turn around sale that offers our in store wedding dresses to be sold off the rack the same day. These dresses are referred to as our ‘store samples’. We purchase new samples 2-3 times per year which means we have to sell them off fairly quickly to make room for all of the new arrivals. These samples are still current styles, and in great condition. There may be some minor wear and tear, but the sale price reflects that, and can be fixed with a seamstress if needed. We do our best to keep all of our dresses in the best condition all year long.

Know what you are looking for –Our sample sale is best suited for brides who have a good idea of what they are looking for, have tight timelines, love a good deal and are ready to say ‘yes’ when they find the one! If you are just starting your dress shopping journey and are more so looking to get an idea of dress styling, we recommend booking a style appointment for another day.

Be prepared to say yes! – Sample sales are fast paced, prices are unbelievable and they get picked over very quickly. It is really important to be in tune with your gut and what you are loving- if you are are ready to say yes, do it! We only carry one of each style for the most part, and when it is gone, it’s gone. You don’t want to miss out on the one you love.

Be prepared to pay for your dress in full the same day. – When you are shopping our sample sale, you are getting a wedding dress at a heavily discounted price. Because of this we ask for payment in full and that you take your dress with you the same day. Payment can be made same day with cash, credit, debit and e transfer.

Shop by size – Sample sale shopping is different than a regular bridal appointment. When you are shopping a sample sale you are shopping within your size range. When shopping bridal, you want to shop 2 sizes up from your regular dress size. (Example, if you normally wear a size 12 in regular clothing or dresses you will want to start shopping for bridal dresses in size 16 or up.)  If a dress is too big, a seamstress can take the sizing down to fit you. All designers and styles can fit differently- we recommend this as your starting point, and you can shop accordingly once you find you sweet spot. Remember you can always a have a dress taken in, however making a dress bigger can be very difficult, and is not always an option.

Take your dress home – When you find your perfect dress at our sale, be prepared to take it home the same day – how exciting! We recommend storing it in a breathable bag (available during the sale) and keeping it in a dry, dark closet- away from any pets, kids or snoopy fiances until you are ready to start alterations. Don’t have anywhere to store it? Ask us about our storage options.

Bring the best people with you – Sample sales are high energy and fast paced. Typically the number of guests are limited per bride during these events because they are busy and full. Bring along the people who’s opinion you value most, those that have your best interest in helping you find your dress that day.

Didn’t find something you love? – Maybe you didn’t find a dress you loved during our sale, don’t be discouraged. We have additional dresses in our collection that will be available to shop during our regular appointments. Chat with your stylist about your vision, price point, and timeline. They will be able to make recommendations as well as pre-book you for an appointment outside of the sample sale to view our regular special order collection.

Have so much fun!