It’s officially here- the moment you’ve waited for, for well, pretty much all of high school! It’s time to start Prom dress shopping! Ahhh! 

We could not be more excited for you, and have so many amazing dresses coming to the boutique!

This experience is beyond exciting, but also comes with many questions. That’s why we’re here to help! We are giving you the 411 on all things Prom dress shopping! 

When to start shopping: 

Many Prom shoppers don’t realize how early you should really start shopping for that perfect dress. Keep in mind, we order a lot of inventory to offer off-the-rack dresses (meaning, you buy the dress and leave with it the same day). But, if you need a certain size, colour or style that isn’t in stock in the boutique, that means we need to place a special order.

Special orders can take time to arrive, plus time for alterations. That is why it’s so important to give yourself lots of time to shop! 


Prom dresses tend to fit smaller than regular dresses that you’d find at the mall. When shopping for your dress, don’t be surprised that your Prom dress size is about a size or two UP from what you would normally wear. For example, if you normally wear a size 6 in dresses, your prom dress will likely be an 8-10. Of course if you try on a dress that isn’t your size, and you have enough time to order, we can order in the right size for you, or pull sizing from the designers stock. Keep in mind, your dress will likely still need some altering, whether it’s even just a hem or altering your straps. If a dress is a bit big on you, it can always be taken in! So don’t be discouraged if your fav dress isn’t in your exact size- your stylist will guide you through your options! 

Who to Shop With:

We know it’s fun to go shop with your bestie for that perfect dress, and that’s totally okay! But, we always recommend bringing along mom, dad, bff, grandma- or whoever may be helping buy your special dress. Those people are important, these dresses are pretty magical and you may end up finding THE dress! At Runway Bridal, we always register dresses to your school, so you can show up in your very own dress, without the stress of matching someone else. If you end up leaving that dress behind, someone from your school could potentially come claim it in the meantime. Or, if we are unable to order a dress due to the timeline, and that dress you love ends up being sold off the rack to someone else, it’ll be time to start from scratch. We want you to be able to wear the dress you fall in love with, and to be prepared to find that dress when you’re shopping!

Come With an Open Mind:

You’ve been dreaming of what you’re wearing to Prom for quite some time now- but, so many times prom shoppers come in with one vision, and leave with the complete opposite. It’s always great to come in with an open mind when it comes to style or colour, because you never know what dress you will love!

Shop Within your Budget:

Girllll, it can be so hard not to be distracted by all of those gorgeous dresses hanging on the rack..we get it! But, the last thing we want you to do is fall in love with something that just isn’t within your comfortable price point. Resist that urge, and try on dresses that are realistic price point wise! We promise, you’ll thank us later! Keep in mind prom dress can range between $299-$999 on average.

Make an Appointment: 

In order to provide you with the best prom shopping experience, we do require you to book an appointment. This guarantees you 30-45 minutes of shopping time, with the help of one of our stylists who will help you get into dresses as well as make suggestions. Remember your stylist sees these dresses on everyday and they know what looks amazing!  Booking an appointment is so easy! All you have to do is CLICK HERE or call us at the boutique!

That’s everything you need to know before you start shopping for your Prom dress! Make sure you follow along for more blogs on all things prom- hot colours, new arrivals, and so much more! 

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Have so much fun!