Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress

While getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of wedding dress shopping, it can be easy for the mother of the bride or groom to be overlooked. The “moms” of the wedding may not be standing at the altar, but they play such an important role in the big day. Moms, you deserve to look your best, too!

While there are no “rules” when it comes to finding your wedding day look, there are suggestions you can follow to guide you in your search and ensure that the process runs smoothly. These are our top suggestions to find the perfect dress for you!

Talk It Over

The bride has likely already given you all of the details about the big day! Be sure to chat about her vision when it comes to what she pictures you in, and express what you have in mind and think you will feel the most beautiful in. Important questions to ask the couple would be – How formal is the wedding? What style works well with the rest of the wedding party and the venue?

Some brides may have guidelines in place for you and other members of the bridal party (ex. Colours, dress lengths, etc) so it is best to chat with the couple first before you get started!

Bring Your Important People

Decisions can be hard – but they don’t always have to be! Some shoppers feel better when they have the support of a friend or family member with them. If the bride or groom have a specific vision for what they see you in on the wedding day, be sure to bring one of them along to your appointment. 

This way, you can work together to find a dress that both of you love. Our boutique books by appointment for shopping, including mother of the bride and groom or special occasion- so be sure to plan ahead with each other and pre book. We encourage you to make a fun day of it! Shop with us at Runway Bridal and then treat yourself to lunch at one of our delicious local restaurants.

Price Points to Expect

Our current “Mothers” collection ranges from $299 – $899. When shopping for attire for such an important day, you want to know that you are purchasing a good quality piece that will make you feel incredible. Our dresses are created by reputable designers such as Morilee, MGNY (and more!) who pride themselves in beautiful dresses made from high quality materials. A lot of hard work and expertise have gone into the creation of your dress!

Fun fact: Many of the embellishments such as beading, lace and sequins are often sewn on by hand! These gowns are truly a work of art. 

Give Yourself Time

Moms are always shocked when they realize how much time it takes to special order these beautiful dresses. Procrastination is not recommended for MOB/MOG shopping.  Regular order time for these collections are approximately 5 months plus alterations.. It is always best to start shopping early if time allows so that you don’t feel rushed. Don’t have that much time? Not to worry! We have a beautiful selection of dresses that you are welcome to shop off-the-rack. 


A question we are frequently asked before appointments is “what kind of undergarments should I wear?”

The simple answer – whatever you feel good in! Out of respect for your stylist, and the other clients who try on our dress in the boutique, underwear is always required. You may choose to bring some form of shape wear or a strapless, nude bra. Shape wear is not a necessity, but if it will make you feel confident and comfortable, we suggest you bring it along. Many of the dresses have built-in cups already, so a bra is not always necessary! 


Take Cues from Wedding Hues

Some couples prefer that their moms’ dress colours compliment those of the bridal party, but there’s no set rule that they have to match. The important thing is that they compliment the overall colour scheme of the event. Metallics, Neutrals or jewel tones are usually a safe bet for a mother of the bride or groom. Bridal traditions are changing, and we’ve seen moms look fabulous in every colour of the rainbow. If you’re thinking of wearing a colour that may be a bit more “daring”, chat about it with the couple to get their thoughts!

Coordination is Key

As we mentioned before, your dress should compliment the look and feel of the wedding. You should also keep in mind that you may want to coordinate with other moms or mother figures attending. Perhaps the couple would prefer that you both wear the same length of dress, or the same colour palette.  Maybe they suggest that your look be completely different from others Either way, it’s best to chat it over together, and even better shop together!

Getting the Perfect Fit

You’ve found the dress – yay! Now it’s time to order. Your stylist will take your measurements to see what size would be the best fit. Many people sit between two sizes. We always recommend going with the higher size, as you can always have the dress taken in! Don’t be alarmed if your dress still needs some “tweaking” when it comes in. All bodies are different and a seamstress will be able to help you adjust the dress so that it feels just right. Standard alterations may include a hem, shortening of the straps, a pinch in at the bust, etc! We recommend giving yourself a few months of alteration time on top of the initial delivery time. This will give you ample time to finish up those adjustments, and be stress free by the time the wedding comes around. 

Keep An Open Mind 

Most of all, we believe it’s best to keep an open mind. Dresses in the bridal world are so different from our regular clothes, styles that you may not love in your everyday, you may actually find that you love in a dress. Be open to the suggestions of your stylist and give things a chance! You truly never know until you try them on. Sometimes the perfect dress will sneak up on you!

Our Stylists are here to help you navigate this important shopping experience. Pre book your appointment or pre shop our Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom Dresses.