The official countdown is on! 

We understand there is A LOT going on for you leading up to the final weeks before you say “I Do”, so we thought we would send a little reminder of things that may be important to you.

Does your dress need an aisle ready steaming? If you have already picked up your dress from your seamstress, or have your final fitting scheduled, have you thought about having it steamed the week of your wedding so you are bridal perfection walking down the aisle? We can ensure that your dress is perfect for your big bridal debut. Call to pre schedule your steaming. (Available if purchased within a gown enhancement package or separately.)

Do you have your final bridal look put together? Although you look stunning in your dress already, think of the little finishing touches that will complete your bridal debut. We have a variety of accessories in the boutique and your stylist is more than happy to assist you in adding those touches. From earrings, necklaces, headpieces, veils, robes, bust cups, and fashion tape – we got you! All of these items are in store and available to take the same day. We know you don’t have time to wait. Book your accessory appointment, or pop in during regular hours.

Did you get your wedding day emergency kit together? This is a must have! We have been to countless weddings and 9/10 times the wedding day emergency kit comes out to save the day. One of the most popular, Couture Saver. This magic spray is a must have in your emergency kit. It will zap any stains you get on your dress right away. We use this product in store on our own dresses. Available in the boutique. Some other must haves we recommend: Needle and Thread, Fashion Tape, Large Safety Pins (Diaper Pins are ideal), Breathe Mints, Tissues, Tampons/Pads, Bobby Pins, Bandages, Pain Reliever/Ibuprofen, Deodorant, and water – just to name a few.

Do you have your final week check list written? We highly recommend a written checklist, and share it with your wedding planner, mom, or Maid of Honour. This way nothing important gets forgotten and you can check a task or two off each day leading up to your big day!

Do you have those last minute tasks assigned to whom they belong? It is time to delegate. There is no way that you can do it all – so ask for help. Assign people that you trust to certain tasks the day of to help your day run smoothly and allow you to enjoy every minute.

Of course, we are always here to help with those last minute items, reach out to the boutique for any questions or help you may need. 
Let the official countdown begin!