The Secret to Stress-Free Bridesmaids Dress Shopping

They’re your ultimate support group, your dream team, your “I do” crew. Your bridesmaids play such an important part in your wedding day, so it only makes sense that you want them to look and feel their best. 

Here is a list of some of our fav tips and tricks that can help you and your crew in finding the perfect bridesmaids attire for the big day!

Vibe of the Vows

A great place to start is determining the “vibe” or overall look of the wedding and bridal party! This may include choosing a colour palette and styles- will they all wear the same style, or different styles? Same colour, or different shades? Keep in mind, there really are no rules- it’s your day (pretty amazing, right?)


Are all of your bridesmaids local? Do some live out of town? What is their schedule like? Should they all shop at the same time? 

There are many logistics to take into consideration when planning out your bridesmaids dress shopping. In many cases, bridesmaid groups will choose to shop at the same time during one appointment. However, we know everyone’s circumstances are totally different and you may decide it’s best for your group to shop separately. It’s all about navigating what works best for you and your crew!


Our Bridesmaids Collection takes about 4 months to arrive in the boutique, plus you will want to allow 1-2 months for alterations. It can take a minute to round up your crew and get things started, so it’s always best to start shopping early if time allows so that you don’t feel rushed. Shopping for your bridesmaids dresses at least 6-9 months before your wedding day is ideal! Don’t have that much time? Not to worry! We have rush options, as well as beautiful dresses that you are welcome to shop off-the-rack. 

What should we spend?

It’s always a good idea to discuss pricing with your bridesmaids prior to shopping. In many cases, the bridesmaids are responsible for the cost of their wedding day look. In some cases, the bride may choose to cover it for them- it’s all about what works best for your group! Our Bridesmaids Collection currently ranges from $299 – $450. Chat with your bridesmaids about what they would feel comfortable spending, then shop from there!


Your bridesmaids have found their dresses – yay! Now it’s time to order. Your stylist will take their measurements to see what size would be the best fit. Keep in mind, many people sit between two sizes. We always recommend going with the higher size in that case, as you can always have the dress taken in! Don’t be alarmed if the dress still needs some “tweaking” when it arrives in the boutique. All bodies are different, and a seamstress will be able to alter the dress to give you that perfect fit! Standard alterations may include a hem, shortening of the straps, a pinch in at the bust, etc! Remember, your seamstress will want 1-2 months for any alterations that may need to be done- be sure to factor that into your shopping timeline, to avoid any additional rush fees for alterations.

Are you a bridesmaid shopping for themselves? Here are some dress shopping tips specifically for you!

Bridesmaid Duties

When choosing a dress, it’s important to remember your bridesmaid duties! Throughout the day you may be helping the bride get ready, fluffing her train, assisting her in using the washroom(if necessary), and so much more. You may want to opt for something that is comfortable and allows you to move around freely so that nothing gets in the way!

What Do I Wear to my Appointment?

A question we are frequently asked before an appointment is “what kind of undergarments should I wear? Do I need to bring anything?”

The simple answer – whatever you feel good in! Out of respect for your stylist, as well as the other clients who try on our dresses in the boutique- underwear is always required. Shape wear is not a necessity, but if it will make you feel confident and comfortable, we suggest you bring it along. Many of the dresses have built-in cups already, so a bra is not always necessary! 

Be Open Minded

If you’ve been given some freedom from the bride and are able to choose your own dress, it’s always great to try a few different styles and be open to trying things you wouldn’t normally reach for. Dresses are built differently than regular clothing, and the hanger never does them justice – so give it a shot!

Be supportive

When in doubt, remember why you’re here! The bride has chosen you as a member of her party because she values you and wants you to be included in her special day. Try to understand her vision and work with her to make the experience easy and exciting for everyone!