Introducing Boomba: The Best Bra Adhesive Inserts

This just in! 

Voted “The best wedding accessory of 2022” by Cosmopolitan, we are so excited to introduce Boomba- a line of adhesive inserts that you can find right here in the boutique!

Boomba inserts stand out for so many reasons! Unlike traditional sticky bras, these inserts are designed with double-sided adhesive, meaning they stick to your skin and your clothing to provide optimal support! Just when you think Boomba can’t get any better, these inserts are sweat/water resistant, allowing you to swim, run, rip up the dance floor and sport them on even the hottest of days. The best part? Boomba Adhesive Inserts are interchangeable between outfits- get up to 40 wears out of your own set! Choose from a variety of styles, colours and sizes. 

BOOMBA Inserts Pink Box (special edition)

They sound pretty amazing, right?! Now let’s dig a little deeper into the different styles you can find here in the boutique:

Demi Boost Inserts: 

Demiboost 1x1 Img 5155 Boomba Demi bra cup Inserts

The Demi Boost Inserts are designed in an oval shape to work beautifully with a sweetheart neckline or Demi cup style, and can boost up to two cup sizes! *Best worn with fitted, structured clothing items*  $74+HST

*Fun fact: Add your Demi Boost Insert to any bra, to turn it into a push up!*

Ultra Boost Inserts: 

Ultraboost 1x1 Img 5144 Boomba ultra boost bra cup inserts

Looking for that wow factor? Let us introduce you to the Ultra Boost Insert!

These inserts are the most padded inserts on the market, as they instantly boost up to two cup sizes! The Ultra Boost Inserts are designed in a soft triangular shape, making them most ideal for low, v-neckline tops and dresses. *Best worn with fitted, structured clothing items*  $74+HST

  Invisible Lift Inserts: 

If a more natural lift is your thing, the Invisible Lift Inserts are definitely for you! The Invisible Lift Inserts are lightly padded, and are the most versatile of the bunch as they can be cut to fit most clothing.  *Best worn with fitted, structured clothing items*  $74+HST

Invisiblelift 1x1 Img 5140 Boomba Invisible Lift Bra Cup inserts

The Invisibra:

The world’s thinnest sticky bra- the Invisibra provides totally seamless coverage under even the thinnest of fabrics. *Note: The Invisibra is not double-sided adhesive.* $47+HST

Invisibra 1x1 Boomba Invisibra

Magic Nipple Covers:

The Magic Nipple Covers are lightweight and easy to wear, all while seamlessly blending with your skin to stay undetectable under your top.  $24+HST *Two different sizes to choose from!*

Boomba Magic nipple coversImg 5137 Boomba Magic Nipple Covers

Fashion Tape:

Get that extra level of security with our Fashion Tape! These double-sided strips stick to your skin and clothing discreetly, all while protecting you from any wardrobe malfunctions. Peel, stick and go!  $12+HST

Boomba Fashiontape

Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride/groom- headed to prom this year or attending a special event, Boomba is a MUST have in anyone’s closet! 

Call or email the boutique to make a pair yours!


*Our stylist Cassidy wearing the Ultra Boost Inserts in our Layla gown!*