Are you wondering how much a wedding dress costs?

Purchasing your perfect dress is a totally different experience than shopping for your everyday clothes. You will be wearing this beautiful dress on one of the most special days of your life. You will also be looking back at your wedding photos for a lifetime!

Wedding dresses will vary greatly in price, and you will likely spend a chunk of your wedding budget on this special garment

While the average price of a wedding dress in Canada is $1500, you can shop dresses from $999 and up…waaaay up!

You may even luck out and find a wedding dress that is heavily discounted below these prices if it is a retired style or an off the rack sample.

If you haven’t shopped for a wedding gown before, or it’s been a while since you did, here are some things to keep in mind when considering your budget.

There are many factors that contribute to the variance in price points of wedding dresses. As you may have guessed, a dress that has a lot of detailed beading or a luxurious fabric will be higher in price. This is because intricate gowns take more love and care when hand-sewing and detailing are involved. 

If you are considering a dress with less detail and a more popular fabric, you can plan to keep your budget on the lower side. Remember when shopping for that designer dress that you will pay a bit more, but know you are getting a quality gown made with the best fabrics and embellishments. 

Don’t forget there are other additional costs that will coincide with your wedding gown purchase.


Alterations are typically required in order to obtain the best possible fit for your wedding day. Costs of alterations can vary greatly based on the modification you need to obtain a perfect fit. Keep in mind that these can cost half the price of your dress or more.

Accessories & Undergarments:

Don’t forget about the finishing touches you will be adding to your wedding day look.  Consider your undergarments, veil, shoes, and jewelry. Considering these items ahead of time will allow you to plan your budget accordingly.

Here are some tips to keep your wedding dress in line with your budget.

  • Don’t try on dresses over your budget: Be honest with your stylist. They are there to help you! They know their inventory and can help you be realistic with what to expect within your budget. They will also help you find dresses that are in line with your style. Avoid trying on dresses over your price point “just for fun”. 
  • Love a dress as is: When you find a dress that you would be making significant changes to ( adding sleeves, changing the shape, adding beading, etc.) You are going to spend a lot more on altering it. Find a dress you love as is with minor additions like a veil or belt. 
  • Shop sample sales: If your budget falls under $1500, a sample sale may be more appealing for you. A lot of stores will have annual or semi-annual sample sales to turn their inventory over. This is a great time to shop for wedding dresses at a steal. You may also luck out and get a dress for an incredible price and in your budget that you not have been able to at regular price.
  • Visit a trunk show: A trunk show is a designer event that typically highlights brand new designs, exclusive dresses and often stores will offer an incentive to purchase during that event. 
  • Shop early: Wedding dresses can take 6-9 months to order and have alterations completed. By shopping about 1 year in advance of your wedding you can find your perfect dress, and allow the adequate time to order it without adding rush fees. 

We also offer payment options to help you spread out your purchase. Having this time frame in place will also allow your seamstress the time required to alter your dress properly without adding rush fees to your alterations.

At Runway Bridal, we have the perfect dress for a variety of budgets.

Ranging from $1500 – $3200 we can help find the perfect dress for your special day. Remember, this is NOT just a dress you will wear for a few hours – This is one of the most important pieces of attire you will ever wear!

Choose something you feel like a million bucks in, works with your price point, and that you will love looking back at in photos over the years – you won’t regret it!

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