It’s a difficult and uncertain time for brides.
It’s likely you’ve had to change your plans, and maybe even postpone your wedding. We are so sorry. 
We are sorry that this situation has affected you this way. 
It’s not a good feeling knowing that your plans for your big day have to change. 

Things might feel impossible right now. 
It’s okay to feel emotional. 
Your feelings are valid.
Just remember, love & celebration are not canceled.

If you’ve had to postpone your wedding, just know that things will be okay. You can still have an amazing wedding regardless of the messy world we’re in right now.

We want to help by giving you some ideas on how to do exactly that.

Get creative with the change of season.

Maybe you planned a spring wedding but now you have changed your wedding date to the fall or even the middle of winter. 

You might be stressed because now your colour palette doesn’t match the season and your strapless gown doesn’t seem as fitting. 

Be confident in your decisions, you fell in love with your dress – the same way you fell in love with your fiance. Your colour palette will work no matter what season.

Maybe your colours were soft yellow and creme. Add a few spruces of evergreen to your centrepieces and you’ve got yourself some wintery decor without changing a single colour.

Your wedding is going to be beautiful regardless of the season, and your favourite people will be there supporting you through it all.

Pick a new date…regardless of what day of the week it is!

Everyone is going to be on the hunt for new wedding dates, so it can be stressful trying to find a Friday or Saturday that’s available for you, your vendors and your location. 

Relieve some of that stress by being okay with a different day. 

What’s wrong with a Thursday night wedding? 

After weeks of social distancing, everyone is going to be looking for opportunities to finally get dressed up and go out again! 

The day of the week isn’t going to stop anyone from going to your gorgeous wedding. 

If you’re attached to the original date – celebrate it anyway!

Your wedding date had meaning to you. You might not want to abandon it for a new future date, so don’t. Yes, plan for your big celebration with family and friends to be on a later date but celebrate the original date anyway. Do something special that day. 

Exchange vows to each other, go all out on an at-home date, do something you’ve always wanted to do together. 

You could even have an intimate and oh-so-romantic “secret” wedding just the two of you on that day and have a big wedding later.

What if fewer guests can come on the new date?

With all the chaos, it’s likely that some people on your RSVP list may not be able to attend a new date, let them join virtually! ( It is the way of our new world you know!) 

Also, fewer guests gives you a bit of wiggle-room in your budget!

This could be a great opportunity to hire that amazing videographer you had been trying to work into your wedding budget. Not only is it a video you will cherish, but your guests can also relive that special day with you.

Make the most out of the extra time!

You are excited about your wedding. Take this extra downtime to create the special touches you were wanting to add to your wedding but just haven’t gotten around to yet.

The centerpieces you found on Pinterest you love, you have time to create those!

The fun picture board you decided to leave out because it was going to take too much time? Well, guess what, you’ve got time to contact everyone and get them to send you photos!

Take advantage of this time to make your wedding perfect. 

But what if it’s still all too stressful?

The chaos can seem impossible to deal with on your own. 

From contacting vendors, reaching out to guests, finding a new date—it can be overwhelming. 

If you haven’t already, consider hiring a wedding planner. In a time like this, they can do wonders for you and take away a LOT of stress. 

You can even hire them just for a short time, just to help you get through this. 

Trust me – people will support you through this. Let them help!

You might be thinking about the ‘what if’s’. What if I planned this a month or two earlier, what if we had booked for 2021. You will drive yourself crazy. We can’t change the current situation, so let’s take time to feel what we are feeling in this moment and move forward to be grateful for what we have in this trying time and look forward to how amazing it will feel to spend the day with our friends and family in the near future, happy and healthy.

Remember, love & celebration are not canceled.

Owner, Runway Bridal