The day has arrived. It is time to start prom dress shopping. This can be a big and exciting adventure, so here are some tips to prepare you! …and be prepared this can be an exhausting, expensive, competitive and, of course, lovely experience.

1. Be prepared.

Chances are you will go to more than one store, and maybe even more than one town or city in order to locate this “perfect” dress.  Get yourself up and ready that day, do your hair and make up in a similar way to how you might wear it to prom (no need to go to the salon that morning, just an idea of how you would like it) Also, wear appropriate undergarments like seamless nude underwear and a nude bra.

2. Set a budget in advance.

Prom dresses can cost a lot more than you might expect, especially the designer dresses. It is best to have a budget in mind and to have discussed it beforehand with your daughter.  It is important to keep that budget in mind as you approach rack after rack of glittery, rhinestone-embellished long gowns. Prom dresses can range in price from $250 through $1000. Set your comfortable price point and work with it.

3. Have a stance on styles.

Brace yourself for a variety of style options, some perfect for your sweet daughter (insert angel emoji) and some a little more provocative then you may suggest for her. Take time to discuss potential dress styles and what styles you are willing to entertain and which styles are a definite no. This will help alleviate any possible arguments or meltdowns in the change room or store.

4. Realize you are not just prom dress shopping alone, but with all of your friends too.

Your prom dress is a pretty big deal!  A. Really. Big. Deal. It has likely been the topic of your conversation with friends for weeks, if not months. Be well-informed about which stores you want to check out. Do your best to be knowledgeable of what each designer’s dresses cost and which of her friends had already chosen. I am sure you will be shocked at all of the options out there. Do your homework!

5. Appreciate this special moment.

It is likely that after several hours of schlepping, arguing over cost (regardless of the fact you clearly have a set budget), combing through the plethora of dresses and holding back judgment for some of the styles that you and your parents didn’t agree on, you will find THE dress!

Take time to appreciate this moment!  Your smile, the reflection in the mirror in your perfect dress and all of your ideas coming together, preparing for your final high school dance. This experience, although tiresome, and emotional will be worth it all!

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