The Guys Measurements

Start with a measuring tape in inches, pencil and paper.

This is the information we need for a proper fitting tuxedo:


Weight (in pounds)

Shoe size (full and half sizes, regular or wide width)

Neck:  Measure around base of neck at widest point and allow for an extra finger to slide under tape to avoid the neck being too tight

Chest: With arms down measure around chest at nipple line under arms and around back with full lungs of air
Overarm: With arms down same as chest but over arms around chest and back with lungs full of air
Sleeve: With arms as sides, measure from middle of back of neck over shoulder and down arm to 1” past the wrist bone
Insleeve: With jacket on measure from inside armpit to inside wrist, if measuring without a jacket minus 2″ from the length
Waist: Around waist where your waistband on your pants would normally sit
Seat: Measure around the body over the largest part of the bum, ensure all pockets are empty at the time and keep your heels together
Outseam: Using outside of leg measure from top of pants (above hip) to floor without shoes