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Henkaa is a fantastic Canadian collection you can find in our boutique and offers our bridal parties an affordable, sustainable and beautiful bridesmaids dress, that you will wear again, and again…and again!

This is not your average dress. Choose. Customize. Order.

Your bridal party has it so easy. Pick from our selection of Henkaa dresses (our Sakura Maxi and Midi dresses are our store favourites), choose from a large selection of colours to what best suits your wedding day vision, and then get creative. There are dozens of styling options available with this dress, making it easy for each bridesmaid to style their dress appropriate to their comfort level and style. If you have a bridal party that is spread out all over the province, country or world, this dress is a great option. It is also great for expecting bridesmaids as it grows with you. Henkaa also offers a great variety of accessories to style your dress for the wedding or after. This one size fits all concept is an easy and affordable option, without compromising style. There are so many things to love about our Henkaa dresses, so why don’t you see for yourself!


Why We love Henkaa! 

                                                                – Canadian Made
                                                                – No Alterations Needed                                                            
                                                                – Dresses are under $200                          
                                                                – Complimentary Bandeau (When You Order With Us)
                                                                – Complimentary Shipping (When You Order With Us)
                                                                – Quick Delivery options
                                                                – One Size Fits All
                                                                – A Huge Array of Colours
                                                                – Online Tutorials for Styling
                                                                – Lightweight ,Comfortable and Versatile